The United Amateur Press Association of America was established in 1895 for the purpose of bringing amateur writers together to share their creative writings, exchange ideas, and encourage printers and desktop publishers to produce newsletters from their home print shops.

As a member you will receive a monthly bundle containing the Official Organ and other organization papers as well as other papers written and published by members of UAPAA. You will be entitled to publish your own paper for insertion in the bundles, contribute your own work to the affiliated papers for publication, vote in the election of offices, run for offices when eligible, enter competitions for laureate awards and other contests and receive benefits from the various bureaus.

Members who do not have their own printing facilities and/or cannot afford to have a sheet of their own creative writings published for the monthly "bundle," or do not write enough poetry, brief stories, or articles to fill their own page, are invited to send short poems of not more than 4 verses, articles of not more than 500 words, or short stories of no more than 700 words to the Manuscript Manager whose name and address can be found on the Official Editor's report paper and on the membership blank.

If a member wishes to print his/her own paper to be included in the bundle, he/she should give the paper a name for the masthead (example: "Jack's Journal"), state it is being published for UAPAA, by (your name and address), and include the date of publication (month/year). Print up no less than 45 copies, (enough for current bundle count plus extras for sample and new member bundles) using 8 1/2 x 11 or 8 1/2 x 14 size paper. Each sheet must be folded to fit in a 6 x 9 mailing envelope the mailer uses. Package the papers and send them to the Mailer (address listed at the bottom of this page ) no later than the 15th day of the month.

Members are encouraged to print on both sides of the paper and send no more than 2 pages per issue(2 sheets printed on both sides). Keep your paper's contents in good taste. No pornographic or offensive wording is permitted or attacks on other UAPAA members you have a disagreement with. If you include a person's work who is not a member of UAPAA on your paper, be sure to write "guest" by their name. This is necessary because only members can receive honor awards for their writings

When you apply for membership be sure to include a sample of your creative writing, such as a short poem, essay, article, or story. The Secretary will forward your material to the Manuscript Manager who will select a publisher willing to print it in their paper. This is called your "credential."

The UAPAA is only one of several amateur press organizations that have branched out from the original one. While most are similar, some are for printers only.

For a sample bundle send cash, check, uncancelled U.S. stamps, or P.O. money order in the amount of $1.50 to Deborah Beachboard, UAPAA Mailer, 343 SW Pacific Ave, Chehalis WA 98532-2925. Bundles are mailed first class postage. (Ordering a sample bundle before joining UAPAA is not reqired, but it is a chance to review a bundle before you decide to join.)

Upon joining, members will receive a copy of the constitution and bylaws, membership card, and other official papers.

Make check or money order for dues ($15.00 per year) payable to UAPAA, and mail to Deborah Beachboard, UAPAA Sec/Treas, 343 SW Pacific Ave, Chehalis WA 98532-2925.(Canada and foreign countries please send in U.S. funds)

Current UAPAA membership is 39
Current bundle count is 34